The Cinevectron FPGA preserves classic Cinematronics and Vectorbeam games by recreating the hardware needed to run these games in an original or replacement cabinet.


FPGA Multigame

Play all the original vector-based Cinematronics and Vectorbeam games in a single board package. Games are presented in their original format, without emulation, with the original game logic implemented in an FPGA.


Drop in replacement

This is a drop in replacement for the original hardware, and is an ideal substitute for failing (or missing) boards that are expensive or difficult to repair.


Flexible application

The Cinevectron FPGA can be operated in an original cabinet with the Cinematronics display, or in a more easily obtained Asteroids or Asteroids Deluxe cabinet running the Electrohome G05-801 / 802 or Wells Gardner 19V2000 monitors.